Bungie has once again impressed the gaming community with the release of “Destiny 2,” the sequel to the critically acclaimed title. But like any other titles, it also has a couple of interesting things to offer. For instance, the game offers a multitude of powerful and exotic weaponry, all of which are unique from each other.

According to GameSpot, these “Destiny 2” weapons are packed with unique attributes and characteristics. This alone makes the sequel quite different from its competitors. Well, without further ado, below are three of the most exotic weapons in the game.

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Skyburner’s Oath: Energy Scout Rifle

It holds true that weapons capable of damaging a single enemy race are somewhat devastating. Apparently, though, Skyburner’s Oath is a very different one. Why? That is because it deals extra damage to all Cabal, which is the main type of enemy that players want to destroy. This race will go up against players in campaigns and the game’s raid called Leviathan.

The energy scout rifle is also capable of shooting through Phalanx shields in “Destiny 2.” It has good stability and is capable of full-auto. Players will find it best in the Crucible, just to name a few. There is no doubt that this weapon will easily become a fan-favorite.

Merciless: Power Fusion Rifle

This weapon is essential in “Destiny 2,” as it can quickly eliminate enemies and even bosses. This is most especially if the opponents have no immunity triggers, making them an easy target. Keep in mind that non-lethal hits made using this weapon increase the charge rate. This happens until the enemy is 100 percent gone.

In the game, Merciless is definitely a must-have, especially in all PvE modes. Nevertheless, it does not mean that it cannot be used in PvP. It can, but players need to be very familiar with what it can do when it comes to using it. Otherwise, its influence will not be that huge in PvP.

MIDA Mult-Tool

The MIDA was a staple in the original game and made its way to the sequel.

Interestingly, Bungie did not make any tweaks or changes to make the weapon less powerful. Its prowess remains the same in “Destiny 2.” Apparently, though, it sports a reduced magazine. But regardless, it is still a well-rounded rifle, with its fantastic handling and reloading speed.

MIDA can also be a lethal weapon in the game as long as it is paired with the Mini-Tool submachine gun. This is a very strong pairing and is perfect for eliminating opponents quickly in the battlefield.