It holds true that “Overwatch” offers great competitiveness within the game, the kind that most titles of the same genre nowadays lack. Players are ranked perfectly, allowing them to go up against players of the same caliber. It seems Blizzard has been successful in providing the right kind of competition in the game.

However, as reported by Kotaku, not all “Overwatch” players are happy with the way ranking works in Competitive Play now. Unlike before, they do not find joy in battling other players to climb the ladder. Unfortunately, since the studio changed the way ranking works, the overall experience has become pretty depressing.

Why players love the game

Players do not just love the game mainly because of most, if not all heroes, offer cool moves and skills. It is more about how one works with others just to achieve success. It is a cliché goal, but the game does it on a whole new level. Remember, in the game, every hero has his or her own counter. A workaround for this is to synchronize skills and ultimates within the team. Again, it may sound cliché, but it works great.

Unfortunately, this beauty started to diminish the moment Blizzard reconfigured the overall competitive system in “Overwatch.” Whether or not players believe, grinding to reach a particular tier or level has become a lot harder compared to before. This was when players started doing things on their own, picking heroes that do not work by the team’s overall composition.

Nowadays, it is hard to ask players to play supports, as most of them would resort to DPS heroes such as Genji and Soldier: 76, among others. They believe that by using such heroes, they are doing something significant to the team. Sadly, this is just one of the many factors that contribute to the downfall of competitiveness in-game.

The toxicity level is high

Since players are struggling in climbing the ranked ladder in “Overwatch,” a slight mess in team play would immediately resort to bashing and negative comments. Players bash other players for not doing well on the battlefield. For instance, a DPS character is asking for healing, but the support is just way too busy looking after their tank.

As a result, the player using the DPS hero mocks or bashes the player using the support.

This level of toxicity in “Overwatch” continues to grow, as each player finds a reason to blame others for the failures of the team. Of course, in one way or another, it is not right, and it does not make sense at all. As players go down in the rankings, they are matched with players who, sad to say, suck at playing.