Character balance is one of the many reasons why “Overwatch” continues to triumph in the video game industry. Each hero in the game has his or her own counter, giving fans a fair gameplay experience. But of course, every now and then, there are changes that players just do not approve.

According to Bleeding Cool News, a huge update was released on the Public Test Server of “Overwatch.” While most changes are quite interesting, there is one that caught the very attention of players: a nerf to Mercy. This basically involves the hero’s ultimate called Resurrection.

What the nerf is all about

The change Blizzard introduced to Mercy directly affects her ability to resurrect fallen comrades within a spawn point. Basically, in the current live servers now, the hero is capable of using her ultimate while situated in a spawn point as long as within the skill’s range. This makes her a dispensable character, most especially in defending. It gives her team assurance when cornered by an advancing team. Unfortunately, it seems the studio does not want to give her this advantage.

In the “Overwatch” PTR, this ability to resurrect from a spawn point has been removed. She must first get out of the said area in order to be in range; otherwise, her ultimate will not work.

Sadly, this earned dissatisfaction from some players, most especially to those who main her. They believe that this greatly changes her importance in the battlefield, something that has made her significant ever since. This game-changing ultimate might soon be removed as soon as Blizzard releases the patch to the official servers.

Well, at least, it is still a test

Fortunately, this is still an ongoing test in the “Overwatch” test server. Meaning to say, the studio is still trying to review all options and decide if whether or not such capability should be removed. Of course, this depends on the testing phase itself. If removing it will appear to bring more benefits, though unknown, then the video game company has every reason to remove it officially.

Unfortunately, the studio is known for its history of making changes regardless of player opinions. They are not just afraid of making massive changes.

Whether or not Blizzard agrees, Mercy’s ability to resurrect from a spawn point in “Overwatch” is quite significant. It is not really imbalance, but rather a just an addition to her overall skills. Besides, this is her main purpose in the game, and so far, everyone is happy with her overall capability.