Like any other MOBA games, DPS characters in “Overwatch” play a huge role in helping a team. They are there to provide the necessary damage and flanking routes. Their significance is just as important as any of the other characters in the game.

When talking about DPS, one of the most popular heroes in “Overwatch” is none other than Soldier: 76. He has the skill to be a highly mobile character. Heck, he even has the ability to withstand any incoming attacks. But how can one make the old soldier an effective hero in the game? Well, check out some of the tips below.

Practice your aim

This is not really surprising, as most players should know this by now. Nonetheless, remember that Soldier: 76’s firepower spread after four bullets have been fired. This is not an issue or something. It is just the way he works, like most of the characters such as Bastion and Widowmaker. However, this is where players need to pay much attention.

Sometimes, the key to being accurate in landing shots in “Overwatch” is pace. Basically, just trying fire Soldier: 76’s weapon in a four-bullet succession rate. Again, the first four bullets do not spread and thus give the character a more accurate aim. Give this a try especially when going after characters that are difficult to hit such as Pharah and Genji.

Use Biotic Field alongside allies

The cool thing about Soldier: 76 is that he has the ability to heal himself. This is thanks to his skill called Biotic Field. He basically launches a device that allows him to heal, including his allies as long as they are within its range. Now, this is where he can be a significant addition to the team comp.

Basically, Soldier: 76’s Biotic Field can provide support to allies who have low health after a clash. So instead of them looking for Health Packs in “Overwatch,” they can use the said skill from the old man. However, the player needs to be wise in deploying it though. He cannot just place it an area where they can be easily targeted.

They can at least fall back a little and heal.

Tactical Visor for high-valued characters

When talking about easy kills, Soldier: 76 does it in a very smooth way. Well, actually, in a little brutal way. His ultimate called Tactical Visor allows him to auto-target enemies without the worry of wasting any bullets. It is a 100 percent kill, so to speak.

However, it is best to use the ultimate to the enemy’s high-valued characters. These can be Mercy, Zenyatta, and Ana, among others. Their death would mean a loss to the enemy team.