Six years after the release of “The Elder Scrolls 5,” the game enthusiasts are still waiting for any news development of its successor, “The Elder Scrolls 6.” Although Bethesda often insisted that it is not yet in the making, small details about it are now emerging.

In fact, the video game studio's parent company Zenimax recently posted a new job opening, and it quickly sent fans into a frenzy. A lot believe that the listing has something to do with the much-awaited game as it mentioned something about a triple “A” title.

The listing hints the game's in the making

ZeniMax is looking for a tools engineer to work on the creation of “an AAA development environment.” This has the same category as “The Elder Scrolls” franchise, thus some think that it is for the making of “The Elder Scrolls 6.”

Bethesda Game Studios Montreal is seeking a qualified Build/Tools Engineer for our team,” the listing read. The candidate must have the knowledge of and experience in the fields of designing, implementing, and “continuing support of class platform build systems,” PSU reported.

The interested applicant also has to have the idea on “continuous integration build systems,” automated testing and performance measurement, and trending.” Also, “information about profiling tools, patching systems, asset dependency, packaging systems, multiple branched environments, and source control integration” must be known.

The chosen aspirant will be working on game code/systems for the company’s plan to create an “A” game with improved settings.

The possible pre-production stage

Although the listing is not an enough proof that “The Elder Scrolls 6” is now in development, it can’t deny the truth that Bethesda is indeed looking for a new engineer to work on a new game.

For a number of times, the video game company has insisted that the much-awaited title is not yet in development as it is putting its main focus on developing something else. But, this doesn’t mean that “TES6” is not yet in its pre-production stage. It may be now on the first stage of planning, thus ZeniMax is now looking for someone to work on it.

Eventually, it will continue to come to its full development.

There are swirling rumors that it will be set in Akavir and might be released in 2023. However, as Bethesda earlier revealed that it has two new games in the making, it might take years before the game enthusiasts will finally have the chance to play “TES6.”