Overwatch” players were recently surprised by a major update Blizzard introduced on the Public Test Realm. It basically brought major changes to the popular support hero named Mercy. While some liked her new skill kit, others simply do not.

The most interesting change was her ultimate in “Overwatch.” It is no longer the titular Resurrect, and the new one is called Valkyrie. Well, here is everything about the new Mercy in a nutshell.

Resurrect Ultimate no more

In the live servers, Mercy is capable of resurrecting five teammates all at once. This made her a significant inclusion, let alone the fact that she’s both a healer and a booster.

But according to Kotaku, Mercy’s Resurrect on PTR is no longer her ultimate. Instead, she dons a new one called Valkyrie. To simply put it, this new ultimate allows her to soar high and acquires a damage-dealing weapon. She is also capable of healing and boosting, though both are increased exponentially during the ultimate.

As for her Resurrect on “Overwatch” PTR, it becomes her second skill. But alas, it can no longer resurrect five allies. Instead, it targets only one dead comrade. Sure, the slogan “heroes will never die” is still apt; however, it is not as significant as the one in the live servers. Following the update’s introduction, the community falls in duress. Many believe that the studio took away one of the most useful ultimates in the game.

But in one way or another, this major change is still quite interesting.

Battle Mercy

With Mercy’s new ultimate, it is safe to say that she can now be an offensive character more than a support character. Think about having the ability to fly and just keep firing at opponents. Not to mention she is also capable of boosting and/or healing her teammates more.

She is now stronger, faster, and more mobile. Many Mercy mains on “Overwatch” forum actually think this is a good change. Perhaps they want to experience the character from a new standpoint. Besides, this is how all characters in the game works. They all carry a primary weapon for attacking except for Mercy. Sure, she can use her gun, but it is not as capable as the others.

While it is true that Mercy might have gained a slight advantage over a couple of new heroes, this does not mean she is hard to be taken down. She can definitely be eliminated by the likes of D.Va and Torbjorn, among others. Still, this major change is a work in progress. Players will soon know how the official new Mercy works as soon as it hits the live servers.