Doomfist has long been running in the “Overwatch” rumor mill. He is believed to be the newest hero in the roster, though nothing official has been announced by Blizzard yet. Interestingly, the studio recently dropped a tease, hinting at the character’s upcoming arrival.

According to Forbes, most “Overwatch” players may have overlooked it due to the Fourth of July celebration, but the studio did hint at Doomfist’s supposed release. Basically, the developers of the shooter title released a brand new lore teaser, which somehow introduces the aforesaid hero.

The release of a brand new hero

The aforementioned teaser finds the new character breaking out from a so-called Helix prison facility. His escape is made possible thanks to the former agent Reaper alongside other Talon members (presumed to be Widowmaker and Sombra). Apparently, the forthcoming character’s real name is Akande Ogundimu.

Doomfist is deemed as one of the villains in “Overwatch,” and is well-known for using the mysterious gauntlet (featured in the game’s first teaser trailer). Interestingly, this gauntlet can be seen as part of a payload in the Numbani map. Although nothing specific has been revealed, it seems all clues point to the impending release of the character.

The voice behind Doomfist

In the “Overwatch” community, players have been discussing the possibility of actor Terry Crews being the voice behind Doomfist. Besides, the actor himself has shown interest in giving life to the character. He explicitly mentioned about it in the past while giving Blizzard’s main headquarters a visit.

This, among others, gave life to an anticipation that he would indeed voice the next hero.

Apparently, though, the teaser the studio released did not confirm if Crews would voice the aforementioned “Overwatch” hero. But given the actual name of Doomfist, it can be deduced that he is African. Of course, Crews is an American; however, he is known for taking roles of African-American characters.

So, in one way or another, he is just fit to voice the new character.

Doomfist’s overall appearance

In “Overwatch,” there are various clues hinting Doomfist to be a musclebound hero. Take for example the posters on a spawn point in Numbani: the images showcase the previous three Doomfists, all of whom appear to have a great physique. Crews, on the other hand, is also physically fit. This even goes without saying that his roles in films define him as someone that is muscular and uncanny.

If Blizzard is to release Doomfist in “Overwatch,” there is really no other person worthy of voicing him but Crews. While these are all interesting, they still remain to be official. For now, it is best for players to take these teasers with a grain of salt.