The latest updates for "Overwatch" will feature a new "Junkertown" game map and several gameplay changes for Doomfist and D.Va in the game.

New game map revealed

Blizzard Entertainment attended this year's Gamescom event and wasted no time announcing the new escort map for "Overwatch" called "Junkertown" along with a gameplay teaser and an animated short.

Junkertown is located in the outbacks of Australia and the designs of the area is similar to the post-apocalyptic settings from film's such as "Mad Maxx" and "Terminator." The whole town is ruled by the Junker Queen and its citizens have a grudge against the Omnics, the sentient robots from the game's lore.

The map will feature amazing building structures made from scrap yards and junk metal such as houses, landscapes, and even a gladiator arena. The map will also feature several traps, vehicles, and mecha suits showcasing the creativity of the Junkers in the city.

The Junkertown map will be an escort mission wherein one team will deliver the payload from outside the city to the queen's throne room, while the opposing team prevents them reaching its destination.

Blizzard also released a new animated short for Junkertown featuring Junkrat and Roadhog as the two try to go back to their home after they were kicked out by the queen for doing something terrible. Junkrat sparks an idea that involves bringing a payload with explosives underneath it and blowing up the Junker Queen.

Roadhog goes along with the plan with a few minor changes but they were caught once again in the end.

For now, the publisher has not yet revealed the map's release date into the game, but it will surely undergo testing in its next PTR session.

Doomfist and D.Va updates

Blizzard Entertainment is planning some gameplay changes for "Overwatch" characters Doomfist and D.Va after the announcement of the Junkertown map.

Doomfist will have some balanced gameplay tweaks as the developers decided to nerf his Rocket Punch. While the current build of the character's signature attack is quite forgiving when it comes to making contacts with their enemies, the new PTR hitbox changes will force players to be more accurate and precise about hitting their targets.

Given how players are having a hard time countering Doomfist's Rocket Punch during a match, as well as his ability to one-shot every character class in the game, the new changes should make him a bit easier to control, especially to skilled players.

As for D.Va, principal game designer Geoff Goodman announced that the character will have a new skill called "Micro Missiles" which allows her to fire a long salvo of missiles that explode on impact. It will deal a lot of damage to opponents in a small radius and players can fire her fusion cannons while performing the move.

D.Va's Defense Matrix will have her energy drain increase by 2 percent, but this means that her effective uptime will be reduced to 50 percent. The latter can also fire her fusion cannons while flying.

These changes will be added into the game's PTR session along with the Junkertown map.