The latest updates for "Overwatch" will feature a new Animated Short and a map on Gamescom 2017, plus several character changes coming to the game.

New details at Gamescom 2017

Blizzard Entertainment will be attending this year's Gamescom event next week as they announced a new game map and animated short for "Overwatch." The game publisher stated that they will showcase the next map on Aug. 21 and gamers who are attending the event will have a chance to play it at their booth.

The new map could be the Chateau Guillard and it is revealed to be an estate in France that was previously owned by Widowmaker's family.

The latter currently uses it as a base of operations for Talon's missions.

As for the new animated short, Blizzard to will premiere it on Aug. 23 as part of their big presentation during their panel. While details about the new animated short film are still unknown, gaming fans are speculating that the developers could be teasing a new event, game mode, or DLC character for "Overwatch."

There have been numerous animated shorts for "Overwatch" that introduced characters such as Widowmaker, Tracer, Reaper, Winston, Soldier: 76, Genji, Hanzo, Sombra, Orisa, and Doomfist. Game director Jeff Kaplan and his team have working on the new ideas for the game's short films and promised fans more depth into the game's lore this year.

Kaplan previously teased that the game will have Deathmatch mode that will pit individual players against one another to the death, whether it be solo or team matches.

Gamers at home will have to chance to watch Blizzard's presentation via live stream in the company's web portal starting at 12 pm EDT/ 5 pm GMT/ 6 pm CET.

Character changes soon

Blizzard announced new character changes in "Overwatch" as Roadhog, Orisa, Widowmaker, and Junkrat are getting a well-deserved boost and are being conducted in the game's latest PTR.

Roadhog can now heal himself while running similar to Bastion, and he will take 50 percent less damage when healing. The change will compensate for Roadhog's nerfed damage during his last update and it will improve his pick up rate and make him a more viable option for players during matches.

Junkrat will now have the ability to hold two mines at once, and his Rip Tire ultimate will be faster with no time limit while climbing. Orisa will have her projectiles and shield barrier increased in size.

Widowmaker's cool down on her grappling hook has been reduced to eight seconds, and enemies that are hit with her Venom Mine will now be visible to walls.

The developers are also trying out the Deathmatch mode in various maps in the game's PTR. Gaming fans are excited to see what new things Blizzard will showcase at Gamescom 2017 next week.