Electronic Arts give "The Sims 4" players more things to look forward to with the coming of the “Cats And Dogs” expansion. The add-on has been swirling in the rumor mill for quite some time and now the gaming company has made it official.

The Cats and Dogs expansion for “The Sims 4” is an often requested pack by gamers. The upcoming add-on will allow players to create, design and interact with pets – giving them a chance to express themselves and tag along with a four-legged companion similar to real-life.

Dream pets

With the ability to create and design cats and/or dogs, games can easily mold a four-legged companion of their dreams.

Similar to real-life, this would range from the pet’s wardrobe and physical appearance, Game Rant reported.

The preferred color patterns or grooming entirely depends on what "The Sims 4" player has in mind, some of which may be hilarious to sensible. Whatever the case may be, it is an expression that anyone has the freedom to do. If the initial output fails to impress, players can easily go back and make the necessary tweaks until they get the preferred one.

Future pets coming?

From the title itself, Sims players will only get to create and designs cats and/ or dogs. It is a start though there are some who may be wondering of future pets.

Like in real life, there are other pets people take care off.

That would include horses, snakes, birds and so on. For now, it looks like game developers are more inclined to break the ice and ponder on other potential add-ons of that nature moving forward.

New business and career opportunity

Aside from getting a companion, the Cats and Dogs expansion for “The Sims 4” has also opened new career opportunities.

This means that players who want to try their hand at being a veterinarian can do so.

A career in this field appends the previous list of opportunities gamers would need to earn a decent living. Taking the veterinarian route means players get to assess sick pets and manage the staff working at the clinic.

New town born

Most players are expected to spend quality time with their pets.

Some may walk them out the neighborhood though a special place meant to them would be better.

Along with the expansion comes a new town named Brindleton. It will come with plenty of outdoor locations where Sims can bring their four-legged friends. This gives cats and dogs the opportunity to indulge in different activities such as obstacle courses or even seeing other mammals of their kind. And while they are at it, pet owners can sit back and relax too. “The Sims 4” Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack is scheduled for release on Nov. 10 for the Mac and PC.