Ubisoft released a new extended gameplay trailer for “Far Cry 5.” The trailer reveals how amazing the game looks. It also features different activities that Players can do while roaming around the in-game world. “Far Cry 5” also features a more realistic combat system. Players will also love the weapon customization system in the game, which is one of the most important features in the game. Most of the popular weapons from recent titles are also features in “Far Cry 5.”

Players will enjoy tons of new features in ‘Far Cry 5.’

The first thing that was featured in the trailer is the ability to ram everyone using a huge tractor.

The character can also shoot while inside the tractor, making the character wholly unstoppable. Even though shooting inside cars are already featured in the game's previous versions, “Far Cry 5” makes it even more realistic. The aiming of guns was also improved in the game, as well as a much better physics. The gameplay trailer also shows a new companion, which is a dog. It is also said the video that players can have a lot of companions with different abilities.

The character will also the ability to fish, which is said to be a good source of experience points. It also seems that catching a fish in the game isn't that complicated, unlike other games that feature fishing. The character can also explode cars with the use of different bombs.

Due to this, players can expect that enemy encounters will get very intense. However, players can change their style of engaging enemies. As seen in the trailer, players can go stealthy while approaching enemies. The dog companion will be a huge help, as it has the ability to steal the enemy's weapon, making it completely vulnerable.

‘Far Cry 5’ is more challenging than its previous titles

“Far Cry 5” is expected to be one of the most challenging first-person shooter games today. The game features unexpected encounters from enemies, especially in roads where they can shoot the character on sight. “Far Cry 5” also has skilled AIs, as they can hide through things while engaging the character.

They also shoot accurate, making it very hard for players to charge head-to-head. The trailer also reveals air combat, which seems to be very fun but challenging. The game also features dangerous animals, which can kill the character. Due to this, a companion will be required throughout the game as it will alert the player when danger is nearby.