A lot of things have happened in “Overwatch” lately. It all started when Blizzard finally released the highly anticipated event called Summer Games. This does not mention the various updates released on the game’s PTR and live servers.

Now, as reported by Dot Esports, one of the maps in “Overwatch” received a significant change from the developers. It actually has something to do with Doomfist and his inclusion to the game. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

A new exhibit

Basically, Blizzard did some changes on the Numbani museum. There is now a new exhibit, which celebrates Efi Oladele.

Remember: this is the kid who saved the place thanks to her invention named Orisa. In the game’s lore, it has been months already since the first attack of Doomfist in the Numbani International Airport. This is still visible through the ruins left by the gauntlet-wearing character, though the government is doing renovations. However, the museum is no longer celebrating Doomfist due to his, well, wickedness.

After all, it was him who attacked the airport in the aforementioned “Overwatch” map. The government replaced him with Oladele instead to honor her of her work.

Although the two have yet to face each other, the kid wonder sparked hope within Numbani nonetheless. But unfortunately for Doomfist, all the banners and signs have been replaced. The walls now detail the in-depth history of the place: the past, the present, and the future. They have taken everything that reminds them of the horrors.

A whole lot more

Orisa’s ultimate in “Overwatch,” called Super Charger, is now housed in a display within the Numbani museum. The payload, on the other hand, is no longer broken. It has been fixed in order to erase the eerie memory of Doomfist’s infamous breakout. The payload now comes with a simple, opaque housing. But it is still solid enough to prevent players from knowing what is inside.

It is worth noting that the changes Blizzard made are purely aesthetics. There will be no impact on the characters, let alone the overall gameplay experience. It should be noted that these changes are still on PTR. They are expected to arrive in the next few days or so.

Meanwhile, Blizzard revealed via a Developer Update video that two new modes are coming to “Overwatch.” These are Free-For-All and Deathmatch, though the latter is the most interesting one. Both are currently available on the game’s Public Test Realm, but the studio did not give out any specific release date. Deathmatch, in particular, is among the highly talked about topics within the community. Ironically, the company mentioned last year that introducing such a mode would be an “oxymoron.”