Overwatch” has been here for more than a year now. It is perhaps one of the most successful titles in recent memory. It even offers millions of players from all over the world.

While “Overwatch” is a simple game, it still requires a good set of skill. Otherwise, climbing the rank ladder will be a struggle. This is actually to most players who are stuck in the lowest tiers. Of course, they have always dreamed of being placed on top. So how does one survive in Competitive Play?

Play your A-game character

Players always find it interesting to try and play multiple heroes.

After all, Blizzard has given them a nice set of roster. However, in Competitive Play, playing main heroes is key. This allows players to actually reach success in every match.

For instance, a player might be used to playing support in “Overwatch.” So, as much as possible, it is best to stick with it. It is way better than being forced to use unfamiliar heroes. If players want to try new characters, the best place to do so is in Quick Play. At least there, the Skill Rating is not at risk.

Balance the team’s overall composition

The most popular team comp (yes, despite the dive meta) is the 2-2-2 comp. This refers to having two characters from each hero department. For example, a team can be composed of two supports, two tanks, and two DPS.

This is pretty much the most balanced team comp in “Overwatch.”

If players already see two DPS characters picked, then it is only right for them to deselect character from that department. Rather than picking another DPS hero, it is a good idea too, say, pick a support or tank. Remember that in Competitive Play, having a well-balanced team composition always provide the best results.

Synchronize ultimates

One of the most interesting things about “Overwatch” is hero ultimate. This ability is unique to each hero, but it does not mean it cannot work well with other heroes’ ultimates. Here, it is best to synchronize ultimates to achieve an acceptable outcome. It guarantees win, as the synchronization can ensure team wipe.

Or at least, a good number of opponents can be fend off.

For example, Genji’s Dragonblade can work well with Zarya’s Graviton Surge in “Overwatch.” This is the same with Hanzo’s Dragonstrike. D.Va’s Nerf can also acquire more kills if Mei is able to deploy her Blizzard. There are also ultimates in the game which work best when either on defense or attack. For instance, Zenyatta’s ultimate called Transcendence can provide invulnerability to any incoming attack(s). The same goes with Lucio’s Sound Barrier when either advancing or defending.