World War 2 themed shooters are the rage this year, with the upcoming release for "CoD: WW2", "Battalion 1944" and relevant ones like "Rising Storm 2: Vietnam", fans couldn't help but wonder if any more game will ride the hype train. "Raid: World War 2" is a fresh new take on WW 2 co-op FPS, pretty much like a crossover from "Left 4 Dead" and "CoD WW 2," the game will take players on an action-packed adventure. The game missions are all inspired by real combat scenarios though the game will focus more on action than providing a realistic World War II experience.

The plot

"Raid: World War II" takes place in the midst of a Europe in panic. Nazis aim to establish a New World Order by any means they deem necessary. The war machine seems unstoppable as bullets do little to thwart its onslaught. But sometimes, the best way to stop a war machine is from within. In its story, four bank robbers are brought together with a purpose, rebel against the Nazi oppression and sabotage the Nazis' chances of victory by sabotaging, assassinate, steal, and pulverize anything bearing the Swastika. The men's reckless ways are perfect as they are sent out to Europe to accomplish their mission.

The players

"With the Nazi regime as the ultimate evil, Raid brings together four unique characters with play styles that complement and enhance each other as they fight and steal across Europe," according to Ilija Petrusic, Lion Game Lion game director.

Players can choose from four customizable characters as well as the game weapons. Players can also utilize different play styles depending on the available character class in the game, and they can choose from recon, assault, insurgent, or demolitions. The in-game characters come from Great Britain, USA, Germany, and the Soviet Union, countries that have joined forces for a common goal, to defeat a great tyrant.

The game will also feature real life locations like Berlin and a Special Operations Mode that allows players to go through extended versions of missions with modified game play and an alternate story line. Players will also get the chance to earn Challenge Cards when they meet specific game requirements that will allow them to customize how future raids will play out.

There is no suggested formula as to how raids are to be accomplished as the game encourages players to explore and experiment with the available game style the available class provides, players can be stealthy, or they can just let all hell break loose.

"Raid: World War 2" is from developers Lion Game Lion and will be published by Starbreeze Studios for Microsoft Windows. It is set to be released on PC on September 26 and will be made available for PS4 and Xbox One on October.