"Titanfall 2" might not have blown away the competition, in terms of sales, but it proved to be a genuinely fun experience with an active multiplayer and a short but sweet single player campaign. Respawn Entertainment continue to push their franchise about large robots and the people that pilot them on all fronts, with the release of "Titanfall: Assault".

Not the same old 'Titanfall'

Considering "Titanfall: Assault" is being released on a completely different platform, one has to accept that it cannot offer the same experience seen in its bigger explosive brother.

Instead of an FPS, "Assault" is a real time strategy game where the player would run his own army and they'll be able to deploy pilots and Titans.

It's all in the cards

As previously mentioned, "Assault" does not look or play like the main entries in the franchise, and is honestly best described as "Clash Royale" but with Respawn Entertainment's stamp all over it. Besides Pilots and Titans, players also have the option of deploying Burn Cards, which require a supply counter to be filled with enough resources to summon the benefits of that card.

Respawn have put together an easy to enjoy MOBA for the mobile community, one that benefits from sticking close to tried and true formulas set by other games on the market, but it delivers the flair and punch of the "Titanfall" franchise.

Is 'Titanfall: Assault' free-to-play?

It is possible to play without ever spending a dime. Unfortunately, you might not have any fun. As this is a multiplayer game and quite a competitive one at that, a certain amount of the enjoyment is dependent on the player being able to at least compete in most matches. "Titanfall: Assault" dishes out rewards for every match, but it takes an absurd amount of game time to come even close to being able to purchase a half way decent upgrade.

Those who decide to spend money will curb stomp the free to play players. Adding to the annoyance is that loot crates also have a timer, meaning they cannot be opened immediately when earned. Yes, the player can just wait for the counter to reach zero, or they could pay to open them earlier.

Is it worth it?

"Titanfall: Assault" is a big budget and flashy addition to the Mobile Game marketing.

Fans of "Clash Royale" will feel right at home, and it does deliver the large scale military warfare seen in the main series. The pay to win elements are annoying, but it is still fun to build an army and collect cards.