Overwatch” players have always taken a liking to skins. These skins follow a specific theme and are usually centered around a specific event. Currently, as the players are celebrating the Summer Games, the skins introduced by Blizzard are specifically designed for the said event.

However, according to a report by TechRaptor, a parent complained about the newfangled “Overwatch” skins introduced by Blizzard. The reason? Well, he thinks they are too sexual.

Too sexual?

Almost all players in the community will agree that Blizzard is really good at making event skins.

They know exactly what type of designs to use – be it funny or silly. Think about this Soldier: 76 Summer Games event skin. He looks like a dad embracing his father figure to the extreme. But no matter how the character will look, players will never complain. Or at least for them, they have learned to accept the studio’s way of developing skins.

Apparently, a parent was concerned with new event skins in “Overwatch.” He even went to the official forum site of the game to air his concerns. According to Ned_of_House_Flanders, skins like Mercy and Widowmaker’s are just a bit revealing. He particularly pinpoints McCree’s as the number one example. He, however, gave the cowboy a full rant. He bashed the consistency of his skin from top to bottom.

What’s wrong with McCree’s skin?

He pointed out that the aforementioned “Overwatch” character’s skin is neither funny nor silly. It even has nothing to do with a futuristic cowboy. For him, he sees McCree as another typical bland male sex symbol. It is the kind of guy you see during a typical sunny day. The guy went further to say that Blizzard would always go downhill just to boost their sales.

When he said downhill, he meant “sex symbols.”

Although Ned_of_House_Flanders has a point, one cannot just blame Blizzard for it. Besides, a thing can only look dirty if you actually think dirty. It is as simple as that. While one can understand that some of the Summer Games event skins are revealing too much skin, one cannot still say how much is too much.

People are just sometimes too egotistical with their points of view. It should be noted, too, that the skins are meant to celebrate Summer Games. Obviously, you would want to see some beach outfits thrown there. They were placed because of sexuality purposes. Besides, if he thinks the game is not working for his kid, he has the freedom to uninstall it.