When it comes to “Overwatch,” one of the most picked heroes is none other than Genji. He is that cyborg ninja who loves to climb on walls and throw shurikens. These are pretty much enough to make him an easily favorite character.

In fact, on the official forum site of “Overwatch,” game director Jeff Kaplan shared some statistics involving Quick Play. It appears that Genji is the most used hero in the said game mode. Mercy, on the other hand, is most used for Competitive Play. But seriously, why do most players love Genji?

He just looks cool

People always fascination when it comes to cool things.

They are easily wowed with what they see on TV. This is most especially if it has something to do with robots or technology. The same can be applied with Genji in the game. People see him as a character with so much potential in real world. In fact, humanity already has an obsession for cybernetics and they have since duplicated this technology since the past few years.

Genji, on the other hand, is half human, half cyborg. Now, this very element is what most “Overwatch” players love about him. They just somehow want to experience what it is like to have such skill and capability.

Because of his story

Believe it or not, Genji has one of the most interesting origin story in “Overwatch.” He is basically a former member of the Shimada clan in which his brother Hanzo is the leader.

However, Genji has no interesting with the criminal empire. He would rather look for his destiny than be part of the organization. But unfortunately for him, his decision almost caused him his life. Fortunately, the “Overwatch” team finds and heals him.

This story alone is what gives players the fuel to play Genji in “Overwatch.” Perhaps it is one way of knowing who Genji really is.

Or at least, they believe that by playing him, they will get to experience his story. Remember, too, that people always have fascination when it comes to anything rich. Genji’s life in the lore is definitely one of them.

The Dragon

Believe it or not, people are usually drawn to anything magical. In “Overwatch,” everything is a work of fiction.

But for players, Genji’s Dragonblade is a work of magic. They seem to have the notion it is cool because it portrays a dragon. Nonetheless, they are also hooked with Genji’s ultimate. For his theme, slashing opponents in a shooter-game is one of a kind. Of course, these are just some of the reasons why players continue to love Genji.