Blizzard has recently introduced a new map in "Overwatch" called "Horizon Lunar Colony." Although it is still accessible via the game’s public test realm, it is getting impressive feedback from the community. Unfortunately, players have discovered a location on it that appears to be a factor for exploit.

It has been said that the aforementioned "Overwatch" map, particularly on the second point of defense, offers a clear sightline for the defenders. Here, players have been exploiting it massively so as to bring down attackers with ease. Of course, this is simply not acceptable, especially to the studio.

A direct advantage for Overwatch players with sniper-type characters

It is safe to say that the defenders in the game can acquire a significant advantage over their opponents. This is most pronounced if they are fond of using heroes such as Widowmaker and Ana. Both of these characters, in one way or another, can come up with a sightline perfect for killing. This only means that all the subsequent engagements in the "Horizon Lunar Colony" map falls on the side of the defenders.

Fortunately, Blizzard is looking for a way to fix this exploit in "Overwatch." The game’s principal level designer named David Adams explained that this usually happens whenever things “shift a bit,” referring to the process of having a “gray box ti final art.” He went to say that this is the main purpose of the public test realm server, allowing them and the team to straighten things out before introducing an update to the live servers.

Just trust the process

Adams explained that this unusual phenomenon in the new "Overwatch" map will not reach the official servers. And that such oversight only surfaced thanks to the PTR being in existence. He mentioned about players having to trust them and the entire process. After all, this is the main purpose behind Blizzard developing the test server.

It was meant to give players access to any forthcoming updates or contents, while giving them the chance to ferret out any mistakes. From there, it is up to the developers of the game to apply any necessary changes.

It is worth noting that this is not the only exploit "Overwatch" players have discovered in "Horizon Lunar Colony." They suggest that the entire route for the attackers is developed so that the defenders can easily kill them. Adams, however, dismissed their statements and confirmed that they have no plans of changing the said route.