The days count down until the release date of Capcom’s fighting game “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite” this September. Despite stiff competition from other game developers with their own titles to offer the gamer public, the one-time king of crossover fighters is soldiering on with the latest installment of their Marvel-license franchise. As a console-only release, Capcom is able to focus on one video game aspect that is usually mere salad dressing for fighters: a Story Mode. The company has already teased an extensive preview of what crossover narrative their game title runs on, but there is apparently more going on that first thought.

Their latest trailer seemingly confirms it along with a rehash of a cliché conceit: a superhero Civil War.

More plot points

A new trailer elaborating on the Story Mode for “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite” came out on Thursday, August 17 courtesy of Marvel Entertainment. It strings together events already revealed in previous teasers over the past few months, and then adds new elements to the plot that seems to provide somewhat plausible new reasons for these characters and those to butt heads in 2-on-2 combat. Well, it turns out that in order to milk every possible configuration of character match-ups in battle, there will be an event to turn allied Marvel and Capcom heroes against each other at some point.

This new trailer recaps the use of two out of six Infinity Stones from the Marvel Universe to merge Ultron and “Mega Man” baddie Sigma into Ultron-Sigma. When the team-up of Marvel and Capcom people learn of this, they try an initial assault on Ultron-Sigma’s citadel, only to be beaten back. With no recourse, Captain America proposes releasing the alien titan Thanos, former wielder of the Infinity Stones, to help find the unaccounted four.

But some of the good guys led by Iron Man are not in favor, causing a split between the heroes that could lead to more fighting.

‘Civil War’ III?

Followers of Marvel in most of its media forms would know that the confrontation above smells of “Civil War,” the dramatic throw-down between ideologically opposed factions of heroes.

It was originally seen in the 2006 Marvel Comics storyline, which was adapted into video game form (Activision’s “Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2” in 2009, references in 2011’s “Marvel vs. Capcom 3”). There was also the MCU film “Captain America: Civil War” and story arcs from Marvel animated series of the same period.

One can hope this revisit of a now well-known element of Marvel can help to elevate the storyline of “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite” against its other upcoming fighting game competition. They do after all have Story Modes of their own.