With the rise of the dive comp in “Overwatch,” the popularity of Winston has bloomed. He has now become one of the most picked heroes in the tank department. Although Reinhardt continues to be significant, there is no doubt that players are likely to pick the ape scientist over the charge expert.

Nevertheless, not everyone in “Overwatch” knows how to use Winston properly. They often get killed for jumping too early or deploying the barrier in the wrong location. Below are some effective ways to apply when using the hero in any match.

Abuse that Jump Pack ability

Believe it or not, the Jump Pack ability is meant to give Winston an edge over other opponents. He can jump right next to opponents and eliminate them surprisingly. If he needs to escape, he can simply use it to bail out. This skill is what defines Winston in one way or another.

For players, they must know how to important it is to abuse it in “Overwatch.” But, of course, for it to be effective, accuracy and timing are needed. Players must jump in cases where high-valued characters are near. Do not just jump into them for the sake of implementing the dive attack. It is completely wrong. Abuse it with the right thinking.

Go for the supports first

Actually, aside from the supports or utilities heroes in “Overwatch,” Winston can also go after characters with low health base.

For instance, they can go after Hanzo and/or Genji. They can also jump right next to Widowmaker or Junkrat provided they use the Barrier accordingly. This is where Winston can become a nightmare, and opponents have no way of falling back. The electrocution is just inevitable.

Nevertheless, for a more coordinated attack, it is best to go after utility characters.

This will prevent the enemy team from advancing. They do not just have the utility characters to boost them. They will either fall back or decide to attack. Either way, they are getting eliminated.

Protect the team’s supports

While attacking the enemy team’s support, it is also Winston’s responsibility to keep the team’s support heroes alive.

After all, their focus is healing and thus they barely defend themselves. This is where Winston enters and helps them.

If you see a charging opponent trying to kill your Mercy, go after the enemy and defend the support. Make sure she does not get eliminated as her significance in the team is the same as yours. In fact, she is even more significant. She can keep you and your allies alive while defending or attacking in “Overwatch.”