Overwatch” is arguably one of the best shooter titles in recent memory. Heck, it is even among the most celebrated games in eSports. Blizzard is clearly riding the success of the franchise.

Nevertheless, not everyone in this world is into “Overwatch.” Some are still skeptical of its gameplay. Well, to help them decided, below are some of the best reasons why they need to give this title a try. They will never regret it.

The roster of characters is quite interesting

Unlike any MOBA titles out there, Blizzard has created a set of characters with interesting skills and personalities.

Not only are they likable for their unique abilities, but fans love them, too, because of their stories in the lore. Take for instance Genji, the cyborg ninja. He is a former member of the Shimada clan and a brother to Hanzo.

However, his view towards life is not connected with any criminal activities. Hence he is punished by his brother. Left for dead, the “Overwatch” team recovered Genji using cybernetics technology. He is part-human, part-machine in a sense. This is just one example of the creativeness of the team behind the game.

The gameplay is all about team play

In most MOBA games nowadays, a team’s success usually depends on a single player or hero. But in “Overwatch,” it is all about teamwork and delivering plays together.

Support, for instance, is needed to keep the tank heroes alive. Without the team, it is almost impossible to either attack or to defend in battle. DPS characters, on the other hand, are the main firepower of a team. Their damage is needed to bring down an advancing hero or character.

Defense heroes like Hanzo and Torbjorn are there in “Overwatch” to provide, well, defense.

But then again, they're just as useful as any other heroes in the game. None of them can excel in the roster on their own. Moreover, each of them has their own counter. This makes the entire game well-balanced, an element that Blizzard keeps on upgrading from time to time.

The skills are only as good as the user

Remember the time when games have overpowered heroes or skills?

Sure, they were fun to play. Heck, they were even exciting. But more importantly, they always ensured a win. The rate of success did not depend on the user at all. In “Overwatch,” however, this does not apply. Players need to be really skillful in order to win matches. Their heroes – no matter how cool or amazing they can be – are only as good as they are.

This makes “Overwatch” a great overall game. Everything is fair and no one on the roster can excel because of being overpowered.