Prior to his release, Doomfist was the most anticipated hero in “Overwatch.” Players were so eager to get hold of him, as they hoped to experience his mobility. As soon as he arrived on Public Test Realm, Blizzard made a lot of changes. But most of these were implemented to nerf some of his skills.

Now, as reported by Dot Esports, the gauntlet-wearing hero in “Overwatch” has received another nerf. It had something to do with his infamous Rocket Punch, a skill that drew a lot of attention from the community.

Rocket Punch nerfed

Basically, Blizzard launched a new update on the game’s PTR.

Its purpose was to introduce change solely for Doomfist. It changed the way his Rocket Punch works, something that players have been hoping to see. In the official servers, this skills is quite deadly and it does not need any accuracy from the user. As long as players are able to aim its hitbox near to a target, it can almost guarantee a kill. It is fascinating, but to some players it is ridiculous.

Dot Esports further adds that players need to be more accurate when using Rocket Punch in “Overwatch.” Otherwise, they will not be able to land a kill on the target. This is because Blizzard made some tweaks on its hitbox. Apparently though, the skill’s damage and cooldown remain the same, if not similar.

This is actually an interesting change. This should make him more down to Earth, or at least work similarly with other players. Clearly, the studio has been listening to the complaints of the fandom.

The only catch though

But then again, in every nerf or change, there is always a consequence. This is something that has been evidently true in “Overwatch” since day one.

With the way Doomfist’s Rocket Punch works, it now makes him a liability more than a go-to-guy. It is just his strongest suit being a DPS character. Remember: when all of his skills are used, he is most likely to get ditched. He just does not have the escape mechanism Genji, Reaper, Soldier: 76, Tracer, and Pharah. All of them have skills that can help them bail out if the attack proves useless.

With Doomfist’s Rocket Punch changed this way, he is going to have a hard time going hand-in-hand with other heroes. Unlike with the current version, he can always guarantee a kill. Now that it is changed, it is almost impossible for him to be significant. Perhaps all of these will materialize the moment Blizzard decides to apply the change on the live servers. It is just a matter of time anyway.