It holds that in “Overwatch” not all characters are easy to learn and use. They simply need time, and one cannot just master a hero overnight. This is most especially true with Widowmaker. The sniper assassin can sometimes be a struggle.

However, it does not mean that “Overwatchplayers cannot master her. They just simply need to know a tip or two. From there, they can start their journey in becoming a Widowmaker main. Well, below are some of the most efficient tips in using the said hero.

Find a good position

This is perhaps the first task a Widowmaker player should do.

You must find a position in the map in which you can be a key player. However, keep in mind that Blizzard designed the maps in such a way that not sniping exploits can be taken advantage of. This is why a certain position or spot may not always work in every match.

So what exactly should you do? Well, you need to be adaptive to the circumstances in “Overwatch.” Simply put, you need to be ready to relocate yourself in another key position. Of course, you do not want the opponents to anticipate your shots. So, as much as possible, be flexible and position yourself in various areas on a map.

Practice your Aim

Widowmaker’s significance in “Overwatch” heavily relies on her ability to snipe accurately.

Apparently, it takes time to master her aim in the game. The key here, though, is to anticipate a target’s movement and place the crosshair accordingly. More often than not, the target gets eliminated. Remember, however, that the fire power should be 100 percent. This guarantees a one-shot kill

It is still advisable to practice Widowmaker’s aim in training mode.

This could be done by fighting bots or joining Quick Play matches. Obviously, you do not want to enter Competitive Play without the assurance of an invincible sniping skill. The more you practice, the more likely you are to become a Widowmaker main.

Target the high-valued characters first

Success in “Overwatch” is defined through a team effort.

No matter how many kills your teammate gets, and you are a liability, winning cannot be guaranteed. So, as much as possible, contribute to team’s overall effort. Your key role here is to eliminate the opposing team’s high-valued characters. This way you can help your allies on the front to advance. Enemies will be having a hard time retaliating, as they do not have the support to either boost or heal them. Be sure to knock off support heroes such as Ana, Zenyatta, and Mercy. Do this, and you are likely to win the match.