'Final Fantasy XV' is a widely played game which hit consoles November, last year. The series is quite popular with fans who have played through all of the previous games and offers unique gameplay along with an interesting form of storytelling. However, fans have been wondering since its release last year, whether Square Enix will bring the much-loved title to PC as well.

PC version of 'Final Fantasy XV.'

After months of speculation, the studio finally announced at Gamescom this year that the game would indeed be released on the PC platform and that it will support 4K gameplay at launch.

This means that the PC version would be graphically the best-looking version out of all. Nvidia has claimed that it would even support 8K gameplay along with HDR10.

Although the exact date of release has not been revealed yet, the company did hint at a possible time window when the PC version of the game would be outed. Square Enix claimed that the game would make its way into stores early 2018, so it will likely release before May next year. The PC version will be accompanied with all of the DLCs and will be available on the Windows 10 Store, Steam, and Origin.

Pocket Edition coming to iOS as well as Android mobile devices

Square Enix also announced at Gamescom that it would be releasing a Pocket Edition for the popular game on Android and iOS devices.

This version will present the same story and characters as the console and PC versions of the game. However, the overall art style and graphics will be changed to match the nature of the two mobile platforms. For instance, the Pocket Edition will represent the Chibi-esque art style.

Another important thing that has changed in the mobile version is the gameplay.

While the console game presented players with a vast open world scenario, the Pocket Edition will present the gameplay as an isometric RPG, with touch controls adapted for the smartphones and tablets. The overall art style and gameplay mechanics give Pocket Edition a much cuter look and an interesting experience for gamers.

The story of 'Final Fantasy XV' will be adapted into ten separate episodes for the mobile game.

These episodes will be released at the same time later this year. Square Enix also stated that the first episode would be free to download and play for gamers. So, with the PC version and the mobile version, there is a lot to look forward to if you are a 'Final Fantasy XV' fan.