Overwatch” is without a doubt a game with interesting roster of characters. When it comes to such topics, it is hard not to include Roadhog. His popularity surfaced following the nerf Blizzard did to him.

Roadhog continues to be a significant character in “Overwatch.” He may not be as lethal as before, but he is still a hero worthy of inclusion. Below are some effective ways to using the character.

Land that Hook right

It is worth noting that Roadhog’s Hook is completely different than before. The mechanic to land it on heroes still stays the same.

Believe it or not, this character will not do any good if he is not able to hook heroes. This is where players should focus the most.

The key is to actually anticipate a target’s move in “Overwatch.” In fact, the easiest hero to read and capture using the hook is none other than Genji. He may be quick, but his double jump somehow gives Roadhog the time to hook him. Again, the key is anticipation. Try to understand where a hero might go and position the skill exactly there. More often than not, you will start landing those hooks.

Maintain your health

Whether players agree or not, Roadhog is a tank hero in “Overwatch.” He is placed in the tank department anyway. As a tank hero, his priority is to give the team the advancing power they need.

He should be able to withstand attacks and/or absorb damage. However, he can only do this when his health is full or acceptable.

So, as much as possible, before going into the battlefield, make sure that the hero’s health is full. He has the ability to heal himself, so use it to his advantage. Or, if not, you can always ask the help of support heroes like Ana and Mercy for healing.

Remember: Roadhog is a tank hero. He can only be effective if he is able to provide tanking duties.

Use that Whole Hog wisely

Roadhog’s ultimate in “Overwatch” called Whole Hog is not really equipped with the best damage. This is most especially if it is compared to the likes of Reinhardt’s Earthshatter or Doomfist’s Meteor Strike.

But make no mistake, it is a reliable ultimate when it comes to fending off enemies. The key here is to use it in a choke point, so as to ensure that all opponents get hit or killed.

The most common mistake people do in “Overwatch” is utilize the skill in an open area. This will not do any good really, though some heroes could get eliminated. For the most effective use, deploy it in an area where opponents have no way to run.