Avid players of Dead by Daylight on consoles and PC will be getting a couple of free updates this week. Behavior Interactive also released a first look at the hotly anticipated Halloween DLC.

In its most recent Twitter post, the game developer confirmed that the two free DLCs are coming shortly to Xbox One and PS4. The Lullaby for the Dark Chapter will update the “Dead by Daylight” on consoles to 1.6.0 version.

The Huntress DLC release date and content details

The Lullaby for the Dark Chapter will hit Sony and Microsoft’s current-gen consoles tomorrow, August 21 in North America.

However, the release date in Europe is not known yet. This DLC was first launched on PC in late July with a slew of exciting content added in the game.

It introduces The Huntress as the new killer who uses a long-range weapon and is capable to throw her hatchets with exact precision. Players can explore the hidden deep forest in the brand new map called Mother’s Dwelling – home of The Huntress where she lurks to hunt for her next gullible prey.

Gamers also get to see the addition David King as the new survivor. This character is described as an ex-rugby player who is supposedly fated for glory but turned out to have thrown away this dream by drinking and fighting in bars.

Halloween DLC release date, trailer, and content details

Meanwhile, the Halloween DLC will be rolled out next in North America on August 25. Ahead of its official release, Illfonic launched a first look at the next free update via PlayStation YouTube channel.

Check out the new trailer below.

The new DLC will be released for free to all players and will feature one new survivor, a brand new map, and a new killer.

The new survivor is Laurie Strode, one of the major characters in the Halloween films. Gamers will also get a set of skins for Laurie that remind them of her stylish looks from the different installments of the horror film franchise.

The masked killer Michael Meyers will be introduced in two phases. In the first phase, he will be less deadly but more able to sense the survivors while in the other phase, he becomes more deadly but loses his detection skills.

The new setting is known as Haddonfield, a fictional town from the movie and it seems to be a close quarter map. Players will be constrained most of the time around a house.

The Lullaby for the Dark and The Halloween DLC packs will both arrive as free updates in “Dead by Daylight” on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.