After the release of "Mass Effect Andromeda'" patch version 1.10, Bioware confirmed they have no plans to expand the single player content for the game. There will be no DLC for this part of the title, although further Multiplayer missions are in the works.

Multiplayer DLC for 'Mass Effect Andromeda'

This does not mean that BioWare is giving up on "Mass Effect Andromeda." Within the coming weeks, we should be receiving updates directly from their multiplayer team with further details on what future content will hold.

In a press release made by the developer, they mentioned that missions, character kits, and unique content for November 7 are currently in the process of being developed.

This content should expand on the Pathfinder's role in the universe but do not expect to receive any further information on the future of the Quarian Ark, as that is directly tied to the single player experience.

Coming to comic book store near you

Apparently inspired by "Star Wars" and other massive sci-fi franchises, the adventures of the tolerable "Mass Effect Andromeda" crew shall be expanded upon in the form of novels and comic books. Although most would prefer further game content, especially as the main campaign ended up feeling so lackluster, an expanded universe has proven to be a great way to get invested further in the characters and lore of a series.

"Andromeda" struggled to re-create the magic seen in the original trilogy, mostly due to an uninteresting cast.

Sure, the mechanical and graphical flaws did not help, but it is relatively easy to look past such shortcomings if someone is invested in the story and characters. BioWare did not manage to pull this off, and players were left wondering what Shephard has been up to.

If done right, these novels and comics might help flesh out the forgettable crew of the Quarian Ark.

After all, these are space explorers that hail from a variety of different planets, with unique cultures and customs; it is hard to believe they could be really this dull.

What comes next?

Rumors stated "Andromeda" is just the start of another trilogy. To be honest, its pacing does harbor back to the original "Mass Effect", with the focus being less on action and more on exploration and world building.

Despite the improved gameplay, it just did not re-create that sense of wonder seen in BioWare's first venture into space exploration.

There is a solid foundation here for future installments. The gameplay barely needs to be touched, although the enemy AI should be considerably better, focus on improving the story and the sequel might be borderline fantastic.