When it comes to Soldier: 76, “Overwatch” players are actually divided. Some like him, while others just do not. The latter people reason out that the character is unlike any other characters (in a bad note) in the game. They even believe that he should be in the “Call of Duty” series rather than in Blizzard’s current iteration.

But regardless of player perspective, Soldier: 76 is without a doubt one of the most exciting heroes in “Overwatch.” His skills make him a nasty addition to the team and a nightmare to the enemies. Still, there are effective ways to make him a better killer in the game, and some of these are detailed below.

Fend off those healers

The aforementioned hero is among the DPS characters in the game, thus can provide heavy damages. But in order to make him an effective combatant in the field, it is best to focus his damages on the opposing team’s high-valued characters. These could be supports like Ana, Mercy, and Zen. Once these heroes are eliminated, the enemy team would be having a hard time retaliating as they do not have the supports to heal them.

This is where Soldier: 76 can be put to good use in “Overwatch.” He has the skills enough to take down a Mercy in an instant. More importantly, he can survive flanking thanks to his healing ability. This allows him to go behind an enemy’s line and flank their supports.

Use his ultimate wisely

Some “Overwatch” players have often been carried away when using ultimates, most especially Soldier: 76’s. They do not realize that there is always a good time to deploy these special skills. For Agent Morrison, it is best for players to hold on his ultimate until the right time comes. For instance, there are supports available for the target, this should be a good time to release the ultimate and kill them.

When the opposing team has a good line of defense courtesy of Reinhardt or Winston, it is advisable not to deploy the ultimate of the said “Overwatch.” Try to be patient and wait for the right opening. For the meantime, help the team in shredding Reinhardt’s shield.

Make use of his Biotic Field

Interestingly, Soldier: 76 can be deemed as a half healer character in “Overwatch” thanks to his skill called Biotic Field.

This does not only apply to him but to his teammates, too, as long as they stay within the skill’s range. This is where the character becomes a significant member, as he can use the Biotic Field to help heal allies.

More importantly, this skill can be deployed whenever the enemy team is advancing. The “Overwatch” character can just use it while firing and taking hits. This is the beauty of the hero that no other characters in the game can offer.