Overwatch” has a nice mix of protagonists and antagonists in the roster, and this particularly makes the game interesting apart from the gameplay experience it offers. While there are heroes that players love, there are also heroes that players hate.

Recently, Blizzard shocked the entire “Overwatch” community with the release of a brand new hero: Doomfist. The gauntlet-wearing villain is currently live in the Public Test Realm, and so far, the reception has been pretty impressive. Interestingly, this hero brings a lot of significance to the overall lore of the game.

The first genuine villain

Akande Ogundimu, better known as Doomfist, hails from a well-regarded family in Nigeria and is an heir to the family’s prosthetic-technology business. He became a fierce fighter, learning all forms of martial arts. Unfortunately, in the aftermath of the Omnic Crisis, he lost his arm. This depressed him so much that he can no longer be the fighter that he was. However, he eventually learned to accept his fate and decided to undergo prosthetics surgery. later on, he understood the meaning of conflict and how it can be used as a strength if one accepts and embraces it. He resurfaced as Talon’s counsel, overseeing the organization in all of its work.

According to IGN, Doomfist is by far the most genuine villain in the “Overwatch” lore.

Unlike any other villains in the game, the new character fully accepted and sealed his anti-heroic fate. Take for example Widowmaker: She was not initially bad, but due to brainwashing, she resorted to murdering her own husband. The rest is history. The same can be applied to both Roadhog and Junkrat, though the latter’s way of thinking was tremendously destroyed by the omnium core radiation.

What makes Doomfist different

Doomfist is just a straight badass. The term "sympathy" cannot even be applied to him, as he definitely has no regard for human life. For him, whoever opposes his ideology is to be killed or eliminated. Sure, players might say the same with Reaper, but everyone knows this guy just wants to wreak havoc because he feels the need to -- at least that is what the lore says about him.

From the get-go, Doomfist was introduced as an “Overwatch” character that plans to destroy the balance of peace in order to teach humanity about conflict.

Overwatch” now has a villain whose ideals were magnified through experience - a loathsome experience. In fact, in his dialogue and, most particularly, in the Origins story trailer, he can be heard clamoring that “those who fall will be forgotten,” while “those who rise up, their names will be remembered.” These lines are actually quite scary.