Almost all “Overwatch” players will agree that events are among the most interesting things about the game. Apparently, though, the ongoing anniversary event is about to come to full circle so it is best for players to make the most out of it while it is still here.

The “Overwatch” anniversary event kicked off last month, with a promise of new experiences for the entire fandom. While there were satisfied players, some were simply not. The unhappiness stemmed particularly from the difficulty experienced when trying to unlock each of the items in the event’s loot boxes.

Nonetheless, everything else went well.

When will Blizzard end current 'Overwatch' event

The aforementioned gig on the hit shooter game is expected to end come June 12, though no definite time has been announced. Apparently, the double XP weekend has the same end date. That will happen at 11:50 p.m PT on that day. This, though, is applicable to players who live in North America. As for the UK fans, they have until 7:59 a.m on June 13 to keep the fun afloat.

All in all, the video game company has unleashed a total of 100 brand new cosmetic items on “Overwatch.” All of these, as the description of the event states, are acquirable in the Commemorative Loot Boxes. Moreover, fans have been treated to a variety of dance emotes, sprays and skins (the legendaries in particular), as a way for Blizzard to commemorate the memories since the game was launched last year.

Other things were brought out

Apart from the above mentioned, there are a total of three new arena maps in “Overwatch.” It is worth noting that all of these maps support the titular 3v3 elimination rounds. These are namely, Necropolis, Black Forest and Castillo. So far, these new locations have been well received, with players voicing out their interests and reactions.

As for the double XP weekend in “Overwatch,” fans will get a significant boost in XP acquired all weekend long. This covers all the experience points gained from spending time in matches and even completing games. It also includes the matches won by players, as well as the matches backfilled in progress. Even earning medals can provide a quick boost in experience points.

The release of a new hero

There have been numerous rumors about the release of a brand new hero in the game. It is believed that with the conclusion of the anniversary event, Blizzard will move to unleash the character named Hammond. Also, the release of the hero could be accompanied by a brand new map.

While these are all interesting things they should be taken with a grain of salt by “Overwatch” players. Of course, only when Blizzard says so, does any of it become official.