One of things people love about “Overwatch” is its combat experience. It is both fun and exciting. But perhaps, the experience is much better when in Competitive Play. It encourages players to do their best, as they attempt to climb to the top of the rank ladder. However, most “Overwatch” players lack the ability and understanding to become efficient in Competitive Play. They fail to recognize the significance of teamwork and objective play, among others. If you want to climb your way up the rankings, you better keep these tips in mind.

Always play as a team

Unlike other titles in the industry, Blizzard’s game is all about teamwork. The studio developed it in such a way that no single character can outdo another. Every hero has his/her own counterpart. But the tide of the game can turn when players work as team. Do not be arrogant whenever your allies ask you to do this or that. Remember: the efficiency of the team in “Overwatch” heavily relies on teamwork. If you are a player that wants to do things on his/her own, then Competitive Play is not for you. You might as well head on to Quick Play.

Adjust to the team comp

Sometimes, players are so stubborn that they just want to use whatever hero they are comfortable with in “Overwatch.” This is okay if and only if you are playing Quick Play.

But in competitive matches, you need to adjust for the team. If you see that there are two DPS characters already, then pick a hero from a different department. Perhaps your team needs a healer or a tank. Do not be stubborn -- use heroes that can work well for the team. Team comp in “Overwatch” is quite important. Again, keep in mind that this game is all about teamwork.

If you do not use a character equipped for the team’s overall composition, then you are only putting yourself at risk. It is very likely that you will ultimately rank low.


Players all know that it is quite difficult to communicate in “Overwatch.” You cannot just use the keyboard to type when you are in the middle of a battle.

However, there is a voice over feature that you can utilize. To put it simply, use a headset that has a mic. From there, you can communicate with other players. This is actually strategic as you can plan offense or defense in real-time.

Although this is not a requirement in terms of playing the game, your overall experience can vastly improve. So, as much as possible, try playing with headphones -- your team members will thank you.