After giving fans a heads up about the tweaks that they did with the upcoming sixth season of "Overwatch," Blizzard has just announced the tweaks that they did to both D.Va and Mercy. The tank and healer characters were given some pretty cool stuff and the developer is monitoring its player base on how would they react to these changes.

Res booted out

Jeff Kaplan has finally revealed the changes that were done to one of the game's top played heroes - the healer Mercy. Probably the biggest update they did for the character is her ultimate which is Resurrection.

Per the game director, he said that Mercy's reviving ult will now be her second ability (default: E) as it was replaced by Valkyrie.

Kaplan further explained that they did the ult tweak as they find it "disheartening" for Mercy doing a full team resurrection after an opposing team just did a team swipe in a match. He added that they will be experimenting with these changes and see how it goes within their public testing realm.

Valkyrie perks

As for the Valkyrie, her new ult will basically buff up her abilities and grants her the ability to fly for 20 seconds. When activated, her Guardian Angel ability will have an increased range and will be a whole lot quicker. Resurrect cooldowns will be reset as it will be reduced to 10 seconds after the ult's initial cast.

Mercy's healing and damage boost beams will have an extended reach not to mention that nearby teammates will be affected by a targeted group member as well. Her regeneration will not be interrupted whenever Mercy is taking damage and her blaster will have an improved range and firepower alongside an infinite ammo.

D.Va's missile barrage

Meanwhile, balances on the tank hero D.Va also went live on the game's PTR as some of the players and gaming critics find the character more of a harasser now rather than a tank. Her Defense Matrix depletes quicker as it goes down twice as fast than it normally should. However, Blizzard endowed her with these Micro Missiles that allow her to unleash a barrage of mini rockets that blow up upon impact.

It is said that the explosion damage is 8 per rocket and the impact damage is 4. The blast radius of the rocket is 1.5 meters and damage taken will be a lot lesser outside the radius. Another tweak D.Va received s that she can now shoot her Fusion Cannons even if she's airborne.

As aforementioned, the "Overwatch" team will see how these changes go down with its player base. Check out a video about "Overwatch" here: