In “Overwatch,” there is a good line up of DPS characters to choose from. But perhaps the most interesting one is Genji. This character is even the most picked hero in Quick Play.

Many want to be a great Genji main, but only a few know how to handle him in “Overwatch” correctly. Remember: his effectiveness in the game is only as good as the hero using him. So how can one make Genji efficient? Well, read on.

Target high-valued characters

The aforementioned hero has the ability to go from point A to point B thanks to his Swift Strike. Aside from being a quick move, it also does damage.

This makes him a highly mobile character and a favorite in the current dive comp meta.

As Genji, it is your responsibility to go after high-valued characters on the opposing team, including Mercy, Ana, and other characters from the support department. You may also go after heroes that have low base health such as Hanzo and Junkrat. The key is to fend them off as quickly as possible.

Don’t forget the high grounds

Sometimes, the battle can be so intense that “Overwatchplayers forget to defend higher grounds. These are locations that provide the best spots for characters like McCree, Soldier: 76, and Widowmaker. It can be so effective that the advancing team may find it difficult to move forward.

This can be countered, though, by using Genji. The idea is to quickly eliminate these heroes from the higher grounds to prevent them from attacking your allies. You have the ability to move faster than any of your teammates. More importantly, you have Deflect to hold off any incoming attacks. Just remember to anticipate all possible areas where these characters might position themselves.

Synchronization of ultimates

This is perhaps the most important tip in this “Overwatch” guide. You must know how to synchronize ultimates. Basically, it is about deploying ultimates together to make the attack or defense more effective. For instance, it is best for Genji to wait for Ana’s Nano Boost before deploying the Dragonblade.

This is also the same with Zarya’s ultimate called Graviton Surge. To make the Dragonblade more effective, just wait for Zarya's ultimate.

As you can see, when these ultimates are deployed together, the efficiency rate is higher. When that happens, the chances of getting to a point or pushing the payload is also higher. So, as much as possible, be patient and learn to wait. After all, this game is all about teamwork.