In “Overwatch,” support characters play a huge role in every match. They either keep their teammates alive through healing or help them advance through combat boosting. One of the heroes is none other than Lucio.

Like any other support heroes in “Overwatch,” Lucio helps the team in both healing and boosting. More importantly, he gives a shield boost to give the team a slight advantage over the opponents. Below are some effective ways to become a pro-like Lucio.

Keep healing and speed boosting

Lucio has the ability to heal and speed boost. The latter, in particular, gives the team an increased movement speed.

This is very beneficial most especially to highly mobile characters such as Genji and Tracer. It gives them the aid to eliminate opponents in a much quicker pace.

So, as much as possible, try using speed boost from time to time in “Overwatch.” But of course, remember to provide healing, too. Besides, this skill is Lucio’s main asset. If you are able to interchange these skills effectively, you are likely to provide the much-needed support for the team.

Stick with your team

Keep in mind that Lucio’s healing and speed boosts are AoEs. To simply put it, they can only be effective in a certain range. To ensure that the members of the team are getting the help they need, be sure to stick with them. In other words, you need not overextend.

Rather, you should play within their range so whenever you heal or speed boost, they get affected.

Also, sticking with the team makes the offense and defense more invulnerable. The opposing team will just have a hard time penetrating you. Also, your allies can also come to your aid if the opponents try to eliminate you first.

Remember that the enemies also plan to fend off high-valued characters such as Lucio.

Use his Sound Barrier wisely

Lucio’s ultimate in “Overwatch” is called Sound Barrier. As the name suggests, the hero provides the team the barrier they need to withstand heavy damages. However, some players fail to understand its effectiveness.

This is because they lack the knowledge of using it properly. The Sound Barrier must only be used in crucial times. This could be during an attack or when the team tries to hold a point.

Also, you need to make sure that your Sound Barrier is available most of the time. This is where burning the ultimate comes to light. Try inflicting damages, as this is one of the ways to burn an ultimate. Once successful, your ultimate should be ready in no time.