IllFonic has been working hard on a slew of new and exciting content coming soon to “Friday the 13th: The Game.” The development team also promises to launch a smarter fix to a prevalent issue in the game this September.

Dev diary teases secret mode, Spring Break 1984 DLC

In its latest dev diary posted on Gun Media’s YouTube channel, IllFonic team offers a preview of a secret game mode coming in the game. Content manager David Langeliers says that he does not want to spill the details just yet but this mode will be out pretty soon.

The studio also talks about the new clothing customization system that the team has been working over the last two months.

In the same video, it shows a quick look at the Spring Break 1984 DLC.

The first pack is the swimsuits pack that will feature a bunch of 80’s-inspired spring swim wear, from one-piece suits and cut-off shorts to skimpy bikinis that will available for the game's counselors soon.

Check out IllFonic’s dev diary #1 below.

So far, fans get to see Tiffany Cox as the only counselor wearing a bikini in “Friday the 13th: The Game.” In the latest production footage, Deborah and Vanessa are sporting one-piece suits but not as revealing as Tiffany’s two-piece wear.

The fans will also receive free updates that will add multiple maps, several new emotes, and a new playable Jason soon.

Dedicated servers to launch in September

Meanwhile, IllFonic appears to have been paying attention to fans’ suggestions and feedback in order to make the game better. The team recently responded to players’ complaint about lack of host migration and what are its plans to resolve the problem.

The game developer told fans that the team has been working hard to fix this specific issue.

It will launch dedicated servers as a better solution contrary to adding host migration.

The publisher emphasized that dedicated servers are a smarter route that will allow the console version to perform smoother in general. If ever a player gets disconnected, there’s no need for the game to pause and there's a smaller chance of data loss.

It is expected that the console version will ultimately function similar to PC in terms of joining and leaving games.

Gun Media confirmed on the game’s official forum that the team is almost done with the dedicated servers and it will be ready for release in late September. Once the audit of the system is done, the team can make the announcement of the launch date.

“Friday the 13th: The Game” is currently available in digital copies on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam. The physical copies will be out in stores on Friday the 13th of October 2017.