In any other titles like “Overwatch,” support heroes play a huge role. They help keep the team alive through either healing or boosting. They just as important as any other characters in the game.

When talking about support heroes, Lucio is perhaps the most popular one. His utility skill set is just remarkable. He can heal, boost speed, and provide a shield. But how can one become a better Lucio and rank in “Overwatch?” Check out some of the tips below!

Stay within reach

Most players fail to realize that Lucio’s skills are AoE. Meaning to say, targets should be within this area in order to be affected with his heal and boost.

Sometimes, players tend to move forward when playing Lucio without considering the damage they can do to their team. As a support character, the goal is to simply provide back up to the core characters.

With that said, be careful in advancing when teammates are not there. As Lucio, players must understand his efficiency rate. Simply put, he can only be effective if he is within his team. Try to be within the team’s reach, so that his healing and boosting can buff allies.

Keep using his Speed Boost

Basically, Lucio can either heal or boost a player’s speed in “Overwatch.” These skills make him an easy pick for players most especially in Competitive Play. But among the two, the skill that should be heavily used is Speed Boost.

It just gives players an increase in their speed, making it harder for opponents to hit them. It also helps them escape any trap or choke point, all of which can lead to their demise.

But of course, this does not mean that his healing skill will be rendered useless. Lucio still needs to utilize this from time to time or in any possible way he can.

Players just need to keep mind the benefit that his Speed Boost can offer to the team. So, as much as possible, interchange these skills in every match. If healing is not needed, then use the boost.

Use the Sound Barrier correctly

This part here is where most “Overwatch” players fail when using Lucio. They sometimes deploy his Sound Barrier either too early or too late.

As a result, the goal to advance or defend fails. The ideal strategy here is to use the ultimate whenever the team is close to holding or advancing an objective. Lucio can also deploy it whenever in the middle of a clash, but only if a good number of allies are still alive. Otherwise, he can keep hold on it and deploy it when the right opportunity comes.