Almost all updates Blizzard introduces in “Overwatch” are interesting. From minor tweaks to hero changes to new mechanics, these helped keep the game’s popularity high. But recently, an update on game’s Public Test Server divided the community into two.

The update basically brought major changes to D.Va and Mercy, though most “Overwatch” players were concerned of the latter. That is because Mercy no longer has the ability to resurrect five comrades all at once. While this is a total game changer, there are reasons why such change needs to be implemented.

She’s a one-trick hero

Mercy is the only character in the game that barely uses a weapon to attack. Not because she is not capable of doing so, but simply because her role is either healing or boosting. If she moves away from this role, she is unlikely to be significant. Obviously, players would not want to see their Mercy joining the core battle and firing at opponents. They simply need her to provide support.

According to PC Gamer, Mercy’s Resurrect ability verifies her status as a one-trick hero. She just there waiting to see “x5” to deploy her ultimate. Of course, she also does healing or boosting. But at the end of the day, this is just what she does. She is not like Reinhardt who can absorb attacks, charge into enemies, and inflict damages.

She is not like Genji who can Swift Strike an enemy to death. These are just examples, but one can certainly see the point here.

She lacks in terms of utility

Again, Mercy in “Overwatch” is all about healing, boosting, and resurrecting. These also make her a lackluster in terms of utility. Take for instance Zenyatta. This hero here is also a healer, but he has the skill called Orb of Discord that allows his team to inflict increased damage on the target.

Ana, on the other hand, has a Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade. The latter, in particular, heals teammates and damages enemies. The list goes on.

Mercy is unlike the aforementioned heroes. Sure, she can boost and heal, but what can she do aside from these? Nothing. Perhaps the new changes Blizzard introduced on PTR would counter this stigma revolving around Mercy.

In fact, the possibility is already perceivable thanks to the new ultimate. She can basically fly and fire infinitely, as well as gain combat boost. These changes can make Mercy a totally new hero, though players will find it hard to get comfortable. But this is to be expected in every change, a common thing in every update or tweak.