Overwatch” has a good set of characters to offer. Each of these heroes offers interesting skill sets and origins. These are few reasons why the game continues to thrive in the industry right now.

Apparently, “Overwatch” is more than just the usual solo or team gameplay. That is because players can actually play as a duo to make the matches even more interesting. Below are some interesting duos in the game that players can keep in mind.

Bastion and Reinhardt

This duo here is perhaps the most common one in the game. But despite that, it remains a fan favorite.

Players continue to use the combination Quick Play and Competitive Play. Why is that so? Because Bastion and Reinhardt together are just too powerful and efficient.

Imagine Reinhardt deploying his shield while Bastion unleashes massive damages. The charge expert in “Overwatch” works as the heavy armed hero’s cover. Any opponent that tries to challenge this dual is likely to fail. In fact, even with the soaring of dive comp meta, this combination still remains significant.

Mercy and Pharah

A Pharah that can launch missiles from afar is already devastating in “Overwatch.” Now add Mercy on that and she will most likely own the Play of the Game. This is just how good this combination is. Mercy can boost Pharah’s damage to make her missile scarier.

If the missile specialist gets low in health, Mercy can simply heal her. This combination is unlike any other in the game.

However, to make this dual strategy work, Pharah must always be there to protect Mercy. Obviously, opponents will try to fend off the support character. As soon as they do, eliminating Pharah will be a piece of cake.

So, as much as possible, cover Mercy anywhere possible.

Zenyatta and Genji

This one here might be something new, but Zenyatta and Genji can work best if combined. Basically, Genji does the elimination task while Zenyatta provides him healing. The omnic can also help Genji fend off his enemies fast using the Orb of Discord. An opponent who receives this will receive more damage.

Moreover, Zenyatta can help the cyborg ninja in eliminating enemies. Remember that Zenyatta also has the right amount of fire power. His orbs can devastate an opponent anytime, anywhere.

However, since Zenyatta is a high valued character, it is very likely for “Overwatch” players go after him. This is where Genji should provide the help. He needs to make sure that his “master” is alive. If opponents attack Zenyatta, then Genji needs to counter right away. It is a matter of teamwork.