In “Overwatch,” it is important for players to communicate well with each other. This just does not mean chatting or using the voice over feature. Communication may also be conveyed in gameplay.

However, players often do things on their own in “Overwatch.” This results in unsatisfactory team play and lowers the Competitive Play ranking. So how can one communicate accordingly in the game? Check out some of the tips below.

Anticipate allies’ movements

Again, communication goes beyond just voice chat. Here, a key factor in communicating well is anticipation.

Players need to understand where their team members might advance for a push. Will they be advancing from the front? Or will they take the back door and flank opponents? These are few possible scenarios players need to keep in mind.

As much as possible, always be ready for a possible action from your team in “Overwatch" and stay close. Players need to understand the value of teamwork, as it is at the core of the game.

The team comp

When it comes to communication, the first thing to consider is team comp. Players must determine which characters are up for a certain match. Will they be needing a support hero? Will they be needing another DPS? Should the team consider having utility characters like Torbjorn or Symmetra?

Understand that in “Overwatch,” a team is only as good as its composition. So no matter how skillful a player can be, if his team fails in that department, the chances of winning are low. Promoting an apt team comp in the game is one way of achieving better communication. It is a proven and tested strategy, something that has been widely used in the pro scene.

Do not overextend

This one here, though, is somewhat relative to the first point. Nonetheless, it is important for players to understand how overextension can destroy a team’s advancing or defensive power. Basically, it refers to characters going overboard and not minding the team’s reach. As a result, he/she gets eliminated, as no one can aid him.

Why? Because he/she is not within a support’s AoE. Communication can only be effective if a player is within a team’s orbit.

The key here is to stand still within a point or objective in “Overwatch.” If going for an attack, just simply go in an area where support characters can apply healing or boosting. It is not really a difficult thing to do, but sometimes, stubbornness can ruin it. So, as much as possible, do not overextend.