Pokemon GO” is without a doubt an eponymous title in the mobile game. Its popularity is just off the charts. Despite the recent ups and downs, millions of players still play it.

But why does “Pokemon GO” continue to be significant even today? Why is this game still a fan favorite considering Niantic made some huge mistakes in between? Well, below are some interesting reasons why “PoGO” is still relevant.

New mechanics

It holds true that the game’s popularity plummeted in the last few months. Many were complaining about its connectivity issues and exploits, among others.

Many even thought that come winter, this game would be non-existent. But no, it did not. Its relevance in the gaming community still thrives. This is due to the new mechanics the studio introduced lately.

Fortunately, Niantic was quick to introduce features in “Pokemon GO.” If they were late, it could have been the end of the mobile game. Take for instance Raid Battles. The moment the studio unleashed it, millions of players logged into the game and played. Why? Because it was a new experience for them. They had a whole new reason to play the game all over again.

Legendary creatures are here

Of course, since the launch of “Pokemon GO,” the Legendary creatures were the hot topic. Players talked about the possibility of experiencing a Legendary Pokemon in the game.

Most of them even dreamed of capturing and owning one. The anticipation was there and all Niantic needed to do was unleashed them. So they did and look at how popular the game has become.

Legendary creatures are among the main core mechanics of the mobile game. They gave players an exciting experience that no common or rare pocket monster could offer.

Since the studio still has some interesting Legendaries to offer, players will continue to anticipate and play the game. There is just no way they will uninstall the mobile game app.

Promised features

Sometimes, a gaming studio just needs to make a promise to keep the interest of the community intact. This is exactly what Niantic did to the “Pokemon GO” fandom.

They promised the arrival of new and interesting features. But of course, they did not just promise but they also stayed true to their words. Raid Battles and Legendary Pokemon are already here. But as mentioned above, the developers still have a couple of features in mind.

With this, players will continue to play “Pokemon GO” as they long for new features. They are there waiting for an announcement from Niantic. As a result, the player base of the game succeeds.