In “Overwatch” right now, the current meta is all about using dive comp heroes. These are Winston, Tracer, and Genji, among others. However, it does not mean that the likes of Reinhardt has become unpopular.

Reinhardt is perhaps one of the best tank heroes in “Overwatch.” Despite the popularity of the aforementioned team comp, his role in the game is still significant. So how does one become effective in playing him? Check out some of the tips below.

Make use of the shield

Reinhardt’s main asset is his shield. It allows him to absorb massive damages without getting hit.

It also helps his team in advancing, most especially in objective-based maps. However, its shield is limited by its health. When it is broken, it is where defending and advancing becomes difficult.

So, as much as possible, “Overwatch” players need to use his shield wisely. If they are to deploy it, they better ensure that their team is well-covered. It is a struggle to advance if one of the tanks gets killed easily. Here, patience is a virtue. It is also best to have a good support around, so make sure to stick with a healer all the time.

Charge wisely

Reinhardt’s charge is what makes him a scary hero in “Overwatch.” It is a sure-to-kill skill, as long as it hits the opponent accordingly. However, most players tend to use Reinhardt’s charge incorrectly.

It is good to be aggressive provided that there is a support and/or back up all the time. Otherwise, players will only be charging to their death.

The key here is to use the charge in the most appropriate way. For instance, there must be a clear path to the opponent to ensure that at least one of them gets killed. Also, it is best if the skill hits the opposing team’s high-valued characters such as Ana, Zenyatta, and Mercy.

Most importantly, the teammates should be ready whenever Reinhardt charges.

Synchronize his ultimate

Earthshatter is perhaps one of the best crowd-controlling ultimate in “Overwatch.” Once deployed, it can guarantee kills. But of course, keep in mind that it can still be countered with the likes of Zenyatta and other disablers.

To ensure that the team benefits from Earthshatter, only deployed it when needed.

For instance, the ultimate can be deployed alongside other crowd-controlling ultimates such as Zarya’s Graviton Surge and Doomfist’s Meteor Strike. The idea here is to make sure that it ultimately does not get wasted. Players can also synchronize it with Pharah and Genji’s ultimate to acquire Team Kill. The possibilities are endless as long as it is used wisely.