Blizzard revealed recently that two new modes would arrive to “Overwatch.” These were Free-For-All and Deathmatch, the latter being the most anticipated. But apparently, it seems there is another mode in the making.

According to Kotaku, an “Overwatch” player had the guts to create a mode of his own. It is called Zombies mode in which players will have to battle a hoard of zombies. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Introduce Zombies mode

The aforementioned mode was made possible thanks to the custom game. The latter gives players the chance to become creative and develop a game on their own.

But for their games to be noticeable, they make a very interesting one. Well, this is exactly what Deltin managed to achieve. As the name of the mode suggests, a group of survivors will go up against a hoard of zombies. If the survivor dies, they are to respawn as zombies. The zombies, on the other hand, must make sure that they are able to convert the survivors to win the match. Unfortunately for them, they only have five minutes to achieve the goal.

For the survivors in this “Overwatch” mode, they all have the tools to help them snatch the win. First and foremost, since they are Torbjorns, they all have the turrets to kill the advancing zombies. The only catch, however, is that the zombies are Reinhardts.

They are a zombie with strength and invulnerability that is off the charts. This even goes without saying that they have hammers. Due to the limitations Blizzard implemented in the custom game settings, Deltin had to be creative. He basically implemented a bot outside the game just to handle all the team-switching for him.

What the bot does?

It is worth noting that the bot is part of the mode in "Overwatch," though it sits in spectator mode. Its purpose is to determine death in which it does using color detection. Deltin shared everything on Reddit and explained that players can see a list on top of the game's screen. It is basically a list of all players involved in a certain zombies match.

Whenever a player dies, a red color surfaces. This eventually helps the bot to determine the death ratio, but it still keeps on searching for the color in other places. If it is able to detect at least one, it automatically notifies the game client to conduct an action.

It should be noted, however, that Deltin's bot can be a direct violation of Blizzard's terms of services in "Overwatch." He explained that using a bot's code does not necessarily mean hacking. Deltin hopes that one day, he can make the bot available to all players. But in order to do so, he will have to fix all the bugs. Meanwhile, the anticipated Deathmatch mode is currently live on the game's Public Test Realm. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with it. They say that the mode only makes redundant plays, as players tend to pick the same set of heroes over and over again. Anyway, it is still under testing, so Blizzard might decide to remove it.