Blizzard made a couple of balance changes in “Overwatch” a few weeks ago. However, these changes made Roadhog a less desirable hero compared before, as the studio gave him a hard knock at killing opponents. While some were totally okay with the changes, others simply were not.

According to PVP Live, there is now a hard data to back up the claims about the aforementioned “Overwatch” hero’s win rate in the game. The report suggests that, in one way or another, the character’s chances of getting the W has tremendously plummeted. This is definitely a bitter pill to swallow, most especially to players who main the tank.

Roadhog’s road to nerfing

Since Blizzard released patch 1.12, players have been complaining about how soft Roadhog has become. Unlike before, his hook plus left click combo does not work wonders anymore. That is because the studio removed at least 30 percent of damage in every bullet he fires, allowing him to secure few kills. Looking at the data, it is clear that the developers nerfed him on a high magnitude.

As a matter of fact, in the Grandmaster tier, “Overwatch” players barely use him anymore. Reports suggest that this is the only tier in the game where Roadhog’s charm has been replaced by the likes of Zarya, Winston and Reinhardt. This made the character’s win rate fall at around eight percent, a percentage that Grandmaster players would not want to have in their team.

If talking about his win rate in all tiers, believe it or not, he is sitting at 46 percent. This means that players are likely to lose than win when the character is on their side.

Why Blizzard needs to do something

It is clear that a nerf like this in “Overwatch” can impact the overall competitiveness of the game. Roadhog is now the kind of character that players would rather replace than pick.

Enthusiasts believe that his nerf is much more severe compared to a buff on a similar magnitude. It is even safe to say that Blizzard killed Roadhog’s core gameplay. His previous hook combo was the only thing that made him a core character in a match. Many believe that the combo itself was his charm similar to Hanzo’s Scatter Arrows and Reaper’s The Reaping.

It was the kind of skill that gave him significance on the battlefield.

The “Overwatch” community has already aired their concerns on forum sites and social media. Unfortunately, the developers of the game have yet to post a response. Perhaps they can give Roadhog’s nerf a second look and see if some drastic changes can be made.