One of the best things about “Overwatch” is the interesting character roster it offers. Its heroes have compelling skills and characteristics to offer. But of course, each player has his/her own main.

Speaking of main characters, one of the most popular ones in “Overwatch” is none other than Hanzo. He is the brother of Genji and the former leader of the Shimada clan. Believe it or not, the community has love and hate relationship with the bow and arrow expert. But how can one be effective in using Hanzo? Well, below are some interesting tips to keep in mind.

Take advantage of the Scatter Arrows

Hanzo’s most lethal weapon or skill in his artillery is the Scatter Arrows. It allows him to be quick in eliminating opponents. It also makes him an efficient killer in the field, as the skill can fend off an enemy in one single sitting. Hence it is best for players to train themselves to be effective in using the said skill.

The key here is to target the Scatter Arrows in the ground near the opponent. If successful, the enemy in “Overwatch” is likely to eat the hoard of arrows. If this happens, the enemy gets killed in a blink of an eye. So, as much as possible, be accurate in targeting the Scatter Arrows. Try playing with AI first in order to get the feel.

It is trial and error anyway.

Always aim for the headshot

The cool thing about Hanzo in “Overwatch” is that he is an effective mid-range shooter. But unlike other heroes in the department, he is capable of killing his enemies using a single shot. But while he is efficient in mid-range, his accuracy in long-range is not that impressive.

However, the key here is to always aim for the headshot.

For instance, you are going up against an enemy team in “Overwatch” with a Widowmaker. Obviously, you are limited, as Widowmaker can use her scope to have better vision. But with Hanzo, the ideal move is to aim her head. Make sure that the arrow goes towards her head and not the body.

Do this and you will likely reap the reward.

Synchronize his Dragonstrike

In “Overwatch,” Hanzo has one of the most lethal ultimate. It is called Dragonstrike. However, it does not really work at its best if it is not synchronized with other ultimates. So, as much as possible, learn to wait for the better opportunity.

For instance, Zarya’s Graviton Surge is just a couple minutes away from being available. Instead of unleashing the Dragonstrike, wait for Zarya’s ultimate to be available. Do this and you will most likely acquire the Play of the Game.