Many believe that Hanzo in “Overwatch” is not for everyone’s use. Basically, players suggest that this character’s efficiency in the field relies heavily on the player controlling him. This goes without saying that, in one way or another, he is a difficult hero to use.

The leader of the Shimada clan and a brother to Genji in “Overwatch” has been a receiving mixed emotions and criticisms from the community. Some hate him, while others love him. According to Digital Trends, the character is just developed in a way that both impeccable aiming and timing are required.

Just keep on moving

The problem that most Hanzo players encounter is getting ditched easily. Well, that is because they tend to stay in a single spot, which is most likely to be raided by the opponents later on. The key here is to move from one area to another, coupled with his climbing abilities.

Remember: the “Overwatch” character thrives on arrows being fired from an elevated position. So, as much as possible, find a good place to take advantage of it. From there, a clearer line of sight can be achieved with ease.

Make use of the Scatter Arrow

In “Overwatch,” Hanzo’s best skill is the scatter arrow. He can use it to quickly fend off an enemy, most especially on a one-on-one fight. It is primarily designed to offer the character a quick outburst of damage, with a possibility of hitting multiple targets at once.

Still, it works best when released timely.

Moreover, the scatter arrow is not simply there to eliminate an opponent quickly. It can also be used to inflict damage and/or disturb the opposing team’s approach. For instance, if the opponents try to hide behind the payload as they try to push it further, the skill can be used to break them up.

See through the dragon’s eyes

Hanzo is capable of seeing his enemies as red silhouettes even when not in sight in “Overwatch.” This is thanks to his Sonic Arrow, which also applies to his teammate. The beauty about this skill is leverage over the opposing team. He can strategize his attack, as he waits for the enemies from a distance.

Since he sees them, he can surprise them with a rain of arrows.

Also, the Sonic Arrow can be launched into an enemy directly. It can even be used to target Reinhardt’s shield. Interestingly, the arrow’s effect still takes place, allowing Hanzo to gain direct vision. Pro players suggest that Sonic Arrow must be used in every surprise attack, most especially when trying to subdue a payload delivery.

The Dragonstrike

This is perhaps one of the coolest and most deadly ultimate in “Overwatch.” The Dragonstrike, as the name suggests, releases a dragon directly from Hanzo’s arm. While it can be very effective, it can also be devastating if used incorrectly. Basically, the ultimate must not be fired from an elevated position, as enemies can quickly veer away from it.

As much as possible, keep it at a medium range. Also, remember that this can go through obstacles and is even best when partnered with the character’s Sonic Arrow.

Furthermore, the beauty of the Dragonstrike is its release alongside other heroes' ultimate. Zarya’s ultimate, in particular, is an epitome. When she fires her Graviton Surge, affected enemies cannot moved and are confined in a single area. This is the best time to release the Dragonstrike, as the opponents have no way of shielding themselves.