After weeks of staying on “Overwatch” Public Test Realm, the highly anticipated hero Doomfist is finally here. The gauntlet-wearing hero is the 25th character in the roster and 8th offense character in the DPS department. But of course, his arrival also brought tons of exciting changes to the hit shooter game.

According to PVP Live, Blizzard introduced the aforementioned “Overwatch” hero via patch 1.13. This update brought tons of changes to some of the heroes in the game. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The hero changes introduced

The new patch is believed to be the studio’s way of countering the famous dive comp meta.

There have been tons of complaints from the community, saying that the game has been all about this comp. The said update has improved the slow melee swings of Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer. At least 10 percent has increased it. Zarya’s ultimate called Graviton Surge now disables all mobility abilities of the affected targets. For instance, Genji may no longer use his Swift Strike in order to bail out from the tank’s ultimate. Reaper’s Shadow Step has been changed, too. Both of its sound effect and voice over distance has been reduced to 50 percent, making him stealthier.

Next in line is Genji in “Overwatch.” The cyborg ninja’s Deflect now has a new sound effect and voice lines. The new VO, in particular, activates whenever he deflects an enemy’s ultimate ability.

McCree’s Flashbang, on the other hand, now slows the enemy while stunning. His opponents are now likely to escape the skill’s effects unlike before. Lastly, D.Va’s Defense Matrix receives new sound effect and voice lines. Like Genji’s, the new VO indicates that skills have been rendered useless.

Other changes to the game

Update 1.13 also brought a couple of tweaks to some in-game features in “Overwatch.” For instance, the Highlight feature will now continue generating highlights for players based on their recent gameplay.

These will be categorized as “Today’s Top 5.” More importantly, players will now have the chance to generate their own highlights. This is basically the ability to capture a certain highlight which can be bound to a button of choice. Blizzard also tweaked the respawn timing, limiting the defensive stalling strategies whenever the offense team has a clear advantage and/or play aggressively.

Furthermore, the new “Overwatch” update brought a good number of bug fixes. For instance, the issue that prevents the “Best in Game” stats from being update has been fixed. The same goes to the bug that causes the user interface to indicate player hit incorrectly. More of these changes, bug fixes, and tweaks can be seen on the official site of the game.