There is no doubt that Ana is among the most picked heroes in “Overwatch.” She is just the kind of support hero that can provide both healing and boosting. But when it comes to the latter, most players fail to use it correctly.

Basically, in “Overwatch,” Ana’s ultimate is called Nano Boost. It gives the target an increase in damage and damage reduction rate. Think of it as a combat boost as a whole. Unfortunately, this is where players tend to fail. So when should one deploy this skill to an ally? Well, below are tips worth remembering.

Look for the best hero always

Best here doesn’t refer to the hero that is overpowered. It simply means the hero that is more applicable to utilize the Nano Boost. For instance, you obviously should not use the ultimate for another support character because it does not make sense. You also should not use with a hero that is not capable of doing massive kills like Mei.

So the key here is to use it with a hero in “Overwatch” capable of eliminating a good number of enemies. This is where the likes or Reinhardt and Genji, among others, come to the surface. As much as possible, use the ultimate to them.

Wait for the ultimate of other heroes

This has been told over and over again in various forums. Ana should always try to Nano Boost an ally whose ultimate is ready to be unleashed.

It's basically called ultimate synchronization. Although there is nothing wrong with a hero that can’t deploy his ultimate yet, the difference is still quite huge. For instance, a boosted Genji with no ultimate could not triumph as much as a Genji with ultimate.

This is where you should be very wise in using her Nano Boost.

Keep it available for the time being and only deploy it when needed. You would want to ensure that Genji gets to benefit from the Nano Boost. This is most especially when he rushes to the front with his Dragonblade deployed.

Burn that ultimate

Like any other heroes in “Overwatch,” Ana needs to be quick with her ultimate. She needs to find a way to burn the cooldown as quickly as she can.

Because seriously, this ultimate is a game changer. You would want to make sure that it can be utilized right when the team needs it the most. So how can you burn the ultimate in a much faster pace? Well, just do your best to keep hitting and/or damaging opponents. Heck, even a successful heal to an ally can help burn it. So, as much as possible, do your best to burn Nano Boost. This should definitely help the team advance.