A new footage of one of the maps in the upcoming “Call Of Duty: WWII” Beta is now available. The video gives a glimpse on the Hardpoint of Gibraltar map. It appears that the more details about the upcoming game installment are being made available as its official release date is fast approaching.

Gibraltar map

The latest video was provided by GameInformer when they paid a visit to Sledgehammer Games to capture the gameplay of some of the multiplayer maps that will be available during the game’s Beta. The video shows the player using the STG44 assault rifle and Type 100 submachine gun.

While stringing countless lengthy killstreaks, several new scorestreaks were shown. In the video, the Glide Bomb scorestreak is visible. This is similar to the Predator Missile from “Modern Warfare 2,” and “Modern Warfare 3.”

In addition to the Glide Bomb, another scorestreak visible is the Flamethrower. This literally melts the enemies right before the player’s eyes. There is also the cool Ball Turret, which has a strong resemblance to “Black Ops” Chopper Gunner. The latest footage also underline that the traditional components of Hardpoint are in the upcoming game. Noticeably, if the Hardpoint is completely vacated or contested, the gameclock decreases as well.

Other details

Aside from those, the video features other information from some of the maps that will be available in the upcoming Beta of the game.

Among this includes Operation Breakout, Pointe du Hoc, and Ardennes Forest. On the Pointe du Hoc, the footage shows how the player destroys his opponent using the PPSh-41 submachine gun. On the other hand, a Fighter Pilot scorestreak is shown in the Ardennes Forest. The Operation Breakout is the game’s new War mode.

Loot Crates

Meanwhile, Loot Crate announced recently that they collaborated with Activision to offer a limited edition crates to players. The crate will contain goodies from the upcoming game that is worth at least $90. So far, the specifics of the contents are not yet revealed and will only be known when the player opens it.

Most likely, there will be exclusive apparels, collectibles, gears, and unique licensed products.

The Loot Crate will be available for $49.99 plus handling and shipping, which varies on where the player is located. The crates will not be delivered to the players before the game officially launches in November 2017. The only timeline the company guarantees is that it will arrive before Christmas Day.

The “Call of Duty: WWII” Beta will start next week. It will be available on PlayStation 4 starting 4 PM Eastern time on August 25.