Like any other games like “Overwatch,” cosmetic items and skins, among others, are a must-have. They do not necessarily affect one’s gameplay, but they give aesthetics an interesting take. This is why players are always hoping for Blizzard to provide them with the nicest of stuff in loot boxes.

According to Forbes, there is a way to acquire five loot boxes in “Overwatch.” Believe it or not, they are for free. Want to know how? Well, here it is in a nutshell.

How to get free five loot boxes

Players will have to be an Amazon Prime member. If they do, they are automatically entitled to at least five free loot boxes.

The key here is to connect their Prime account to their Twitch Prime account simply. For players who have yet to be part of this program, there is always room for them. Amazon allows them to for a thirty-day trial. There is no obligation, but they will be addicted to receiving the nicest of stuff. This ranges from USB-C cables to beard trimmers to special stress balls, among others.

It is worth noting that the promotion is time-limited. “Overwatch” players only have until September 10 to become part of it. It should also be noted that the boxes mentioned above do not contain any seasonal event items. So for anyone expecting to acquire the Grill Master 76 skin, they better hope not. Nonetheless, it contains stuff that is enough to please players.

After all, they are free, and there is no money involved whatsoever.

Why the free stuff?

Blizzard and Amazon has a partnership. The free loot boxes in “Overwatch” is simply a gesture of that partnership. In fact, the company already offered Gold Loot Boxes before. Unlike the five free loot boxes, the Gold Loot Boxes guarantee a Legendary item.

This just one of the things why the gaming community continues to love Amazon. They just know how to keep the interest of the gamers at bay. In fact, they are set to offer giveaways to people who will buy “Lawbreakers,” “For Honor,” and “Warframe.” The details, however, remain to be unseen.

Meanwhile, on the “Overwatch” Public Test Realm, Blizzard released some new changes to four heroes.

These are namely, Junkrat, Widowmaker, Roadhog, and Orisa. Interestingly, these changes are meant to give the characters some good buff. For instance, Junkrat’s Concussion Mine now has two charges. Widowmaker’s Poison Mine allows her to see the affected target, though the vision is only applicable to hear. Roadhog is now able to move while self-healing. Orisa’s damage, on the other hand, has been significantly increased.