Sledgehammer recently confirmed that Gibraltar will be a playable map during the beta of “Call of Duty WWII.” The game’s beta will begin in the later part of August until the early part of September. The map will be first available to PlayStation 4, and Xbox One users.


According to Game Informer's September cover of "Call Of Duty: WWII," Gibraltar will be a playable multiplayer map in the game's beta. While the full details of the map are still not available, there are several screen captures of the map that give the players a sneak peek of what to expect.

From the images, it appears that Gibraltar will put players in a fortress near the coast to defeat the opposing team. So far, it is not yet confirmed if the map will be the host of the War game mode of the upcoming first person shooter title.

VIP Area

Apart from the announcement of the new playable map, additional features included to the game's Headquarters were also revealed. Players will see a special VIP area in the brand new social space of the game. This area can only be unlocked when the player reaches Prestige. When the player reaches the maximum level and starts back at level one, it is entitled to earn the Prestige medal. The award will be given in front of the crowd in the game's Headquarters.

After this, the player can explore the social space's VIP area. As of press time, it is not clear what will be available in the VIP area of the Headquarters.

Battle Pit

Aside from this, it was also revealed that there will be a 1v1 Battle Pit that players can enjoy together with a friend. In this battle, friends can test who among them is the better player.

Other players can watch your battles and can select to play the winner. Moreover, Sledgehammer Games confirmed that Boxing is part of the 1v1 Battle Pit.

Since Headquarters is the social space for the upcoming first person shooter title from Sledgehammer Games, most likely voice chat will be active. The voice chat will most definitely function based on your closeness to other players.

Players will have the option to switch the voice chat off if other players are turning their music so loud.

The Headquarters will also actively reward players just by watching other players open supply drop crates. According to Sledgehammer, spectating on other players open the loot boxes in the game’s social hub will increase the overall social score of the spectator. Achieving this will increase the player’s chance of getting better supply drops in “Call of Duty: WWII."